Fleece, Roving, and Yarn from Maryland, USA

Please write for info:    awoolfarm@gmail.com

We spent ten glorious years hobby farming in Maryland's Anne Arundel County. We have downsized but are knitting and spinning up a storm from the varied hues of fleece our Harlequin sheep shared over the years.

See below for fleece, roving, spinning kits, and yarn!

Foolproof Hat Kits!

A great starter set or gift for knitters who want to create on a budget,

$30 with #7 round needle and insructions


4 oz. Skeins of 2-ply worsted wool.  Choose white, tan brown, blue, or maroon..or ask and we can produce custom colors with Jacquard acid dyes or natural dyes. $15/skein


Handspinning kits:  Small tester kit of roving, spindle, and instructions to get you on your way, a few dyed blue kits, the rest will be white.


Ready to spin?

White roving. The last of our soft white roving ready for your spinning habits, $1/ounce

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Raw Fleece

We also have raw fleece should you wish to start from scratch,

$8/pound in white, tan-silver, and brown